The Digital Rewards Platform for Kickstarter Creators

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What is it?

Kick’d is a place where digital rewards for Kickstarter projects are managed, stored, and distributed to backers.

If you’re a Kickstarter creator and need a simple, secure and fast way to manage and distribute your digital rewards, Kick’d is for you.

Your campaign can be setup on Kick’d in minutes and offers a simple way to import data from Kickstarter. Best of all, it’s FREE!

Why free?

Kick’d is a project born from our own needs as Kickstarter creators. We needed a way to manage digital rewards for our campaigns.

To date, Kick’d has successfully served tens of thousands of downloads across thousands of backers.

We have big plans for the site and, in effort to fully realise that dream, we need more campaigns onboard to help us get there.

Projects on kick'd

What backers see

Kick'd Backer Area

Backers simply enter their Kickstarter email address to recieve an access link, giving them access to the digital rewards you've allocated them.

They will only see items that are relevant to their reward tier.